Cajun Chef Hot Sauce


For real Cajun flavor, add to gumbos, soups, and seafood.

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We use only fresh Louisiana cayenne peppers in our 80 year old formula. The cayenne pepper’s unique flavor and mild heat is the perfect ingredient which makes Cajun cooking so famous. For real Cajun flavor, add to gumbos and soups. Sprinkle on seafood before frying or after boiling.

Deep in the heart of the South Louisiana’s bayou country, Cajun Chef seasonings are still made from time honored, traditional family recipes using only the finest spices and peppers. There’s no better assurance of quality then consistency. Because Cajun Chef selects the best from major agricultural suppliers year-round, you can be sure of consistent quality and supply. Cajun Chef invites you to taste what’s hot –that Cajun flavor. You’ll agree, Cajun Chef is not only deliciously different – it’s decidedly better.

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