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Gracious Bakery+Cafe New Orleans King Cake Kit


This premium King Cake Box Kit allows you to bake your own Gracious Bakery King Cake at home!

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If you are looking for a premium, do-it-yourself King Cake Kit, straight from the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana…look no further. The Gracious Bakery+Cafe King Cake Box Kit comes with easy directions and only four ingredients are needed — egg, whole milk, unsalted butter, and water. Each kit makes one cake that serves 6-8 people. Each box includes: King Cake Baby, Decorative Sanding Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar Filling, Yeast Packet, Icing, and Cake Mix.

King Cake is the signature treat of NOLA’s Carnival season. These rings of sweet dough are dusted with colors that symbolize justice (purple), faith (green) and power (gold). Tradition decrees that whoever finds the baby must purchase (or bake!) the next cake.

Gracious Bakery opened in 2012 with a simple mission––to comfort and nourish the soul through artisan pastry. They are NOLA Made and NOLA proud. Experience how good things taste––the Gracious way.

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3 Replies to “Gracious Bakery+Cafe New Orleans King Cake Kit”

  1. I have made King Cakes from Mam Papaul’s mix and from scratch so I decided to try this one. Sadly it was a mess. No matter how lightly floured my hands and surface was, the dough was so sticky it was unworkable. If you are buying a mix, get the other on one offer

  2. Way too salty. Very disappointing. It was fun to have most of the ingredients pre-measured in little packets but it would have been better to make it from scratch. I threw mine away.

  3. We ordered the ‘gracious New Orleans King Cake Mix’ and love it! My 9 year old great great nephew and I made it together. It was so easy to do and tastes great. We will make it again.

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