Louisiana Cajun Crispy Fish Fry


A perfect blend of corn meal, flour, and Louisiana seasonings everyone loves!

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The Cornmeal-Based Breading Perfection that started it all! “Bring on the Heat” with this perfect blend of cornmeal, flour, and Louisiana seasonings everyone loves! This coating can be used as a total seasoning for your favorite fish, oysters, shrimp, meat or vegetables. Use this Louisiana Cajun Crispy Fish Fry for your next meal gathering and watch the magic happen. This is America’s # 1 Selling Fish Fry…try it and see why!

Don’t believe the stereotype Cajun eating is “hot.” Louisiana Fish Fry Products provide just the right amount of seasoning to each product so its favorable and provides a positive sensation to your pallet through flavor, not just heat. These products enhance the taste experience not overwhelm your food or pallet.

All Louisiana Fish Fry Products are designed with flavor in mind first! We take great pride in assuring our consumers will love the taste and flavor of one of our products. This Louisiana Cajun Crispy Fish Fry is also designed to help make cooking easy, cost effective, and authentic. Makes no sense to buy several different individual ingredients like cornmeal, flour, and many jars of spices to get that perfect batter or coating for fish, chicken, shrimp, oysters, or vegetables when Louisiana Fish Fry has done all the blending for you at an economical price.

Many of the items are unique Louisiana offerings that visitors to Louisiana desire to make or consume when they return home. Our Louisiana Fish Fry products allow you to make it very easy to serve authentic Louisiana products in your own home with products like Gumbo, Etouffee, jambalaya, BBQ shrimp, Remoulade, Seafood Boil, Cajun Seasoning and many others.

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