Louisiana Seafood Sauce


This sauce makes a fantastic BBQ sauce or dip for boiled or fried seafood.

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What goes best with the perfect fried or boiled seafood? The perfect sauce, of course. And this is it! Sweet & Spicy…and loaded with pepper seeds. Our Louisiana Seafood sauce makes a fantastic BBQ sauce or dip for boiled or fried seafood. It’s great on beef and chicken as well. While this product is Cajun in nature, it can be enjoyed in households all over the world.

If there’s one thing Louisiana is known for, it’s our great seafood. So, it’s only natural that a great seafood sauce would be developed out of necessity to accompany Creole and Cajun Cuisine. This is that sauce. Try it on your crawfish, shrimp, crabs, or any other kind of seafood to give it that Cajun flair that you’re seeking. Louisiana Fish Fry Products provide just the right amount of seasoning to each product so its favorable and provides a positive sensation to your pallet through flavor, not just heat, and their Louisiana Seafood Sauce does exactly that. You can also get creative with it. Some have tried Louisiana Seafood Sauce in meatloaf and found that it provides incredible flavor.

All Louisiana Fish Fry Products are designed to help make cooking easy, cost-effective, and authentic. Many of the items are unique Louisiana offerings that Louisiana ex-pats miss, and visitors to Louisiana desire to make or consume when they return home. Louisiana Fish Fry products allow you to make it very easy to serve authentic Louisiana dishes in your own home with products like Gumbo, Etouffee, jambalaya, BBQ shrimp, Remoulade, Seafood Boil, Cajun Seasoning and many others.

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