Mam Papaul’s Gumbo (New Orleans Style)


Gumbo Mix with Roux — an all time favorite in South Louisiana.

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Gumbo with Roux. This is the all time favorite soup in South Louisiana. Cook this deep brown soup with your favorite smoked sausage and chicken. Mam Papaul’s is the original “New Orleans Style“ brand of dinner entrees. Starting 1972 with what began as a “Cajun Care Package” Mam Papaul’s became the first brand of New Orleans Style foods to be produced into convenience mixes. What started in 1972 as a “Cajun Care Package” packed by hand is now blended and packaged by state of the art equipment in order to maintain product quality and authenticity, our #1 concern.

All the flavors associated with the New Orleans melting pot are embodied in the Mam Papaul’s dinner mixes. These are true South Louisiana dishes that reflect the taste and heritage of the French, Spanish, Germans, Africans and Caribbean Islanders who settled in South Louisiana. The creativity of the people who sought to make a home in the swampy wilderness and make great food using native plants and animals is embodied in Mam Papaul’s dinner mixes. Not overloaded with cayenne or red pepper, these New Orleans style dinner mixes and seasonings are carefully blended to reflect the unique flavors of New Orleans and South Louisiana, an area known the world over for fine food.

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